Restoration Services
Need Help with your Restoration Project?
Whether you buy through us, or through another agency, we can assist with your restoration. It is often very difficult to keep abreast of restoration works, when you have a busy working life in another country, and/or you don't speak the language. We can help you here. You can decide how much involvement you want us to have in restoring your house: maybe just introductions to trusted builders and artisans, or 'Eyes and Ears' management of your project (regular visits, photos and reports on the progress of the works), or full-on Project Management, whereby with your consent we appoint the team from our group of trusted builders and other tradesmen and manage the restoration works on your behalf. Our Restoration Management service can be tailored to whatever you require, and costed accordingly.
Who will do your Project Management?

Our Managing Director is Richard Smith, and he handles all Project Management. Richard is a UK qualified Chartered Surveyor; he has a Diploma in Estate Management and is a Professional Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ( F.R.I.C.S.), the highest qualification available in the UK and recognised throughout the world. He has over 25 years’ experience in both residential and commercial property in the UK, and his love of the Marche region inspired him to start with his wife Jane back in 2004. He has over 16 years’ experience of managing building works in the Italian system.

False economy...

Please remember that it is a false economy to think that you can manage the project yourself from another country; it is essential to be hands-on with the decision making, and to make them fast, otherwise you can lose your building team or your costs will escalate, or both. We pride ourselves on saving the major part of the fee you will pay us by making the builders work efficiently, and by continually questioning the costs quoted for, and materials being used. We will find you discounts that you didn't even know existed; but it is because we are on the spot and have excellent relations with all the good builders, craftsmen and building supply companies that we can work so efficiently.

Richard has his own restoration company: Property Restoration Marche. For more information and to learn how Richard can assist with your project, visit Richard's website:

To liaise directly with Richard:
Tel: +39 366 724 3800