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Le Marche
Le Marche offers you a region which is still incredibly unspoilt and full of classic Italian charm and culture. Situated half way down the east coast of Italy, Le Marche has over 180 km of coastline, stunningly beautiful beaches and 26 medieval cities facing the warm, turquoise Adriatic sea. There are inexpensive all-year-round flights to Le Marche with Ryanair to two airports, Ancona and Pescara. Bologna and Rome airports are also just 2.5 hours away by car, with flights via many international airlines. The region has a great climate and property is around 35% cheaper than Tuscany. Le Marche is the place to buy your dream home in Italy (before too many people hear about it).

On the border between Le Marche and Umbria lies the jewel in the crown of the Italian mountain ranges - the Monti Sibillini National Park. Carved from ancient limestone by massive glaciers the mountains and valleys are rich in rare fauna and flora, friendly towns, villages and ancient churches.

The magnificent landscape of the Sibillini Mountains is a nature lover's paradise; home to bears, wild mountain cats, the famous wild boar (rich and tender to eat) and the golden eagle and peregrine falcon nest up in the highest peaks above the woods.

The Sibillini mountains provide the ideal setting for a range of outdoor activities including walking, mountain-biking and horse-riding in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Head for Sassotetto if you want to try your hand at cross-country, downhill skiing or snowboarding - lessons and equipment are available with lifts and passes from Sarnano. There is also fabulous skiing at Campo Felice, 5km inland from Teramo.

The Marche region has 180 kilometres of Adriatic coastline and boasts numerous inviting seaside resorts. The region boasts one of the highest numbers of Blue Flag beaches of any region in Italy; there are eleven towns which have recently been identified as Blue Flag beaches, namely Gabicce Mare, Pesaro, Fano, Senigallia, Sirolo, Numana, Porto Recanati, Civitanova Marche, Porto San San Giorgio, Grottamare and San Benedetto del Tronto.

Shopping in Le Marche
The weekly markets in most of the main towns in the region are really worth a visit. Nothing cheap and tacky there, but rather fabulous leather goods, shoes, clothing, food and artisan products, all at great prices.

Other good shopping places to visit:
For shoes - Just inland from Civitanova Marche:
Les Tropeziennes, via Fratelli Bandiera 89, 62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)
Tel: +39 0733 802001

For leather bags and accessories - In and around Tolentino:
Pelletteria Velentino Orlandi, via Enrico Mattei 25, Zona Industriale, 62014 Corridonia (MC)
Tel: +39 0733 283090

Pelletteria di Tolentino, via Giovanni XXIII 69, 2029 Tolentino (MC)
Tel: +39 0733 960035

Marche Outlet Shopping:
www.in-outlet.it (For the serious shopper)

Informative regional websites:

Marche regional tourist information:
www.turismo.marche.it (click on the USA flag to see english text)

Sibillini National Park:
www.girovagandoisibillini.com Overall the weather is delightful; warm Spring and Autumn temperatures, hot summers and cold, short, but sunny winters. Naturally in Le Marche the weather changes slightly every year just like everywhere else. You will get hot dry summers and then one not so dry, a very bad winter with lots of snow then several not so bad. However, the following table is based on data collected over a 3 year period and should therefore give you a fair idea about the average annual weather conditions.

Read more about the region in this 2019 article

Le Marche Climate Information
Month Sun
Min Low Temp Min High Temp Min Av Temp Max Low Temp Max High Temp Max Av Temp Sun
Jan 15-20 5-10 -8°C 5°C 0°C 0°C 16°C 6.3°C 7.38
Feb 15-20 3-7 -3°C 5°C 1.7°C 4°C 12°C 9.3°C 7.09
Mar 14-18 5-10 -2°C 8°C 3.6°C 6°C 17°C 12.8°C 6.25
Apr 16-20 4-10 1°C 12°C 8°C 11°C 25°C 17.6 5.33
May 19-25 3-8 10°C 15°C 13.1°C 12°C 28°C 22.8°C 4.52
Jun 22-25 3-7 10°C 19°C 15.2°C 23°C 35°C 28.2°C 4.36
Jul 22-26 1-2 11°C 24°C 15.9°C 19°C 35°C 28.2°C 4.48
Aug 26-30 0-2 12°C 25°C 17.6°C 22°C 36°C 29.3°C 5.18
Sep 20-26 2-5 9°C 20°C 13.2°C 16°C 30°C 22.7°C 5.50
Oct 10-17 3-8 7°C 16°C 11°C 13°C 22°C 17.4°C 6.23
Nov 8-13 5-10 -3°C 10°C 4.9°C 6°C 20°C 11.0°C 7.00
Dec 13-18 5-10 -4°C 6°C 1.1°C 2°C 13°C 7.2°C 7.32
16 38