Restoration Costs

As the market continues to tighten for the Le Marche builders, there are some increasingly good discounts on offer for restoration work. We have heard of discounts of 25% being offered, compared to an earlier building quote given in 2009.

Restoration costs will vary considerably, depending how much work has to be done. For example, is the roof being replaced, do the foundations need strengthening, have water and elecricity got to be laid to the house? The cost is also influenced by how high the finished spec is required to be (solid marble bathroom tiles, or ceramic tiles? etc).

However, as an extremely rough guide, you can expect to pay between €900 and €1250 per sq m for house renovation, plus any landscaping, swimming pool etc. All our house details give you total sq m for the house, so a simple calculation will give you the initial guide price for restoration.

A standard pool of 6 x 12 metres will cost around €25,000 to install, including filters and pump (using an excellent installer who we work with).

Dont be afraid to buy a pile of rubble; you will generally buy this much cheaper than a house where the 4 walls are still standing, but often the amount of work to be done will be identical.

Once you have found your dream house, we can arrange for a proper survey to be done, at a modest cost, which will flag up any potential issues before your negotiation goes too far.

We also have a number of tried and tested teams for restoration who we can arrange for you to meet. We also have a huge network of artisans, craftsmen, landscapers and pool builders - all who have been used by our clients and who come with our recommendation. This is all available to you, totally free of charge, as well as introductions to the following professionals: