Insurance & Removals
Insuring your home in Italy

You will need to insure your house from the day you sign the Rogito/Atto document. There is buildings insurance and contents insurance available in Italy. However, most Italians don't bother with contents, as it is very expensive and you have to complete an entire inventory of your possessions, but the choice is yours. Buildings insurance is actually quite inexpensive.

We have worked with several good companies for house insurance and if you buy through Magic Marche we will organise two quotes for you.

IShipping furniture from the UK and northern Europe to Italy

We highly recommend D.T. Moving

We have personally used an excellent company for shipping furniture and other effects to Le Marche. Clients of ours have also used them. There are other companies who ship to Italy, but DT Moving were truly excellent and the most competitive we found. Please mention you are our client, to enjoy discounted removal rates that we have negotiated.

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