Fees & Services
Why do you need our assistance to buy your property?

Understanding the technicalities of the property process, the language used, the contract procedure, issues regarding property taxes, price negotiation, redrawing of land boundaries, notifying neighbours of the sale, booking a lawyer or Notary or translator, confirming electricity, gas and water supplies, appointing a geometra to do a survey etc can all form part of your purchase process and can be quite a minefield. We will assist with all of this, within our fee.

Our fee percentage is listed below, and is 3% of the agreed selling price plus italian IVA (ie VAT) at the prevailing rate. For this you get a truly comprehensive service - right from the first search, or multiple searches, which are all free, to full viewings and guidance with the purchase, foreign currency exchange, mortgage company introductions and opening an Italian bank account. We can also guide you with whom to obtain quotes from for your Restoration and Project Management, guidance with choosing the building contractor and other artisans, swimming pool contractors, landscapers etc.

Half our fee is payable at the time of the Compromesso (exchange of contracts) or the signing of a Letter of Intent, and the balance upon completion (or within 3 months of the compromesso date, whichever is the sooner). The minimum fee payable is €4000 (euros) plus IVA. We will ask you to sign a simple contractual agreement agreeing the fee prior to us making your first purchase offer.


3% of the final agreed selling price (minimum fee 4,000 euros) + IVA

Included in our fee:

Please note: Where a potential purchaser, or relative, or friend of the original potential purchaser, makes a direct approach to an owner (after having previously been introduced to the property by Magic Marche), a full fee will be due to Magic Marche by the purchaser.

NB If we have to travel outside Le Marche for any legal meetings, our travelling costs will be payable by the buyer.

The following assistance and services are available to you and are costed on an individual basis. We can provide you with a tariff at the appropriate time:

There are three professions that are vital in Italy. You certainly cannot make a purchase in Italy without using at least one of them. We have spent almost ten years working with various property professionals in Le Marche and now have selected to work with just the best. Here are the details of those we can recommend without hesitation; please mention us if you speak to them, as recommendation is a great compliment.


Use them for: Compromesso, Proposta D'Aquisto, Atto meetings and documentation. Power of Attorney, making an Italian will or any other legal matter.

Avv. Giovanna Salvucci (she has two offices and she speaks english)
Studio Legale Associato
Via della Vela n. 56
62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)
Tel-Fax 0039 0733 816199

Studio Legale Associato
Via Torre di Morro n. 34
Tel 0039 0733 1875528
62026 San Ginesio (MC)

Cell: +39 349 811 6636
Email: Gsalvucci@marchelegale.com
skype: giovannasalvucci


If you are planning to live in Italy for most of the year, to work, set up a business, use your house as an income generator by renting it, you will need the services of an Accountant (Commercialista in Italian). You never want to fall foul of the Fiscal Authorities in Italy, as the fines are penal. Here are two good professionals. Please mention us if you speak to them, as recommendation is a great compliment.

Antonella Fintini & Andrea Dall'Osso (They both speak english)
Eludata Morrison Srl
Cell Antonella: +39 328 157 6533
Email: a.fintini@eludata.it
Email: andreadallosso@libero.it

Valentina Forti (Valentina speaks english)
Studio Forti di Arra' Donella
Piazza perfetti, 16/b
62028 Sarnano (MC)
Tel. +39 0733 657798 Fax. +39 0733 659483
Email: valentinaforti@av-consulting.it


We have worked with three good ones over the years. They are all efficient, professional and helpful.

Notaio Alessandra Cerretto
Viale dell'Industria/Palazzo Zenit
62014 Corridonia (MC)
Email: acerreto@notariato.it
Tel: +39 0733 280077

Notaio Albino Farina
Via Toscanini Arturo 1,
63066 Grottammare (AP)
Tel: +39 0735 631214

Notaio Sergio Lenhardy
Via Dante Alighieri
63066 Grottammare (AP)
Tel: +39 0735 591011
Email: slenhardy@notariato.net