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Mortgages and loans for the purchase and/or restoration of property (also swimming pools, cars and other large purchases)

In the current global downturn, the mortgage market is changing all the time; some lenders are pulling out, whilst new companies are setting up and new mortgage products then become available. Frankly, it can be a minefield to pick your way through the choices that are appropriate to your personal circumstances.

Our Recommendation:
We have found one truly excellent Italian mortgage broker: FIDEA, based in Le Marche. We now suggest that our clients only deal with them. Why? What can they do for you?

FIDEA do all the research for you. They manage all the interactions with a variety of financial institutions (local banks, specialized banks, other financial companies). They recommend the right type of mortgage for you, with the right company. There is a host of different financial products available, each with its own downsides, hidden fees and troublesome procedures. You also need guidance on whether you should have a fixed loan, variable, or a mixture of the two. And, you need to know what will suit your personal circumstances. FIDEA helps you choose what fits your needs. Most of their mortgage consultants speak English. Their paperwork is all in English.

Check out this page on their website, to more fully understand how they work:

FIDEA will also progress your application fast; you will normally have a full mortgage proposal on the table 2 months from when they receive all the required application documentation from you. If you try to make your own application, we can guarantee it will take you between 4-7 months. This is enough time for the person you are buying from to lose confidence and walk away from the deal. We have seen this happen.

Contact Details for FIDEA
We recommend you speak with Maria Tomassetti (she speaks Italian and English)
Tel: +39 0734 759687

If you contact FIDEA, please mention that you found them through the Magic Marche website, as personal recommendation is the nicest compliment you can pay anyone.